Patricia Castorena
Immigration Attorney 
Law Office of Patricia D. Castorena

Patricia D. Castorena is a passionate immigrant rights advocate and strong supporter of pro bono volunteerism in the legal community. She has been in private practice since April 2012 and specializes in family-based immigration, hardship waivers, humanitarian relief, citizenship, and removal defense, with a smaller focus on the criminal defense of non-citizens.

I urge others to participate in Friends of HOPE because as a donor, you are ensuring that other women, who may be in dire need of support, morale, and goodwill, are able to experience HLI. HLI is a life-changing program that allows women to achieve the next level of excellence in their professional, and personal, lives.

On why you should become a Friend of HOPE

With my donations to FOH, I know that I am helping fulfill HOPE's mission of engaging women through leadership, advocacy and education. I feel a deep sense of purpose, community and commitment to ensuring that HOPE continues it's great work.

On supporting HOPE's mission

My favorite HOPE event is Latina Action Day in Sacramento because we are exercising our leadership skills and civic engagement. It is incredibly important to be aware of the political process and to advocate for the issues that impact our community.

On Patricia's favorite HOPE event

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Nicolina Hernandez
Government Affairs Manager
Sempra Energy Utilities

Nicolina Hernandez has nearly 10 years of policy experience in the public and private sector, representing diverse interests from public agencies to Fortune 500 corporations.  Nicolina’s strength in government consulting, strategy development, and navigating the legislative and regulatory processes provides clientele with confidence in advancing their agendas.  

It takes a village.  For most of us, especially Latinas from disenfranchised communities with many disadvantages like the rural Central Valley area I grew up in, we have had to work ten times harder to overcome.  While we have been able to overcome many challenges, often times, we have someone special to thank because they told us they believed in us, lent a hand, or gave a sponsorship.  Latinas across the state will continue to face obstacles as we did, and it’s up to us to be accountable to them, to empower them, and make the path a little better for the next generation.  Contributing any amount to Friends of HOPE is harnessing and forging our collective ability to really make an impact in our youth, and launch our professional Latinas into leadership positions of power for tangible change.

On why you should become a Friend of HOPE

HOPE is like a family, and if you’ve ever been to a Latino family dinner, you know community is everything and everyone is invited!  HOPE Latinas are a familia, a sisterhood, a network, and together with our allies, advance political and economic parity for all communities.  That is the core of the HOPE mission.  It’s important to be a part of something bigger than ourselves that positively impacts the current and future generations, especially during this time of political uncertainty at the national level.  Minority communities are being intimidated, targeted, threatened, and much worse.  If we do not support and work to improve our goals of unity, equality and leadership, I really hope it’s for something much greater

On supporting HOPE's mission

I have many favorite HOPE moments that span from our HLI 2014 cohort reunions to moderating a Latina Action Day panel, and from the first HLI 2014 Sacramento Session to the San Francisco Alumnae Summit Fun Run!  It’s a privilege to get to reunite, plan the future, and be creative with HOPE supporters.  I have a sense of mutuality and responsibility, and I also get (a usually much needed) energy boost, at every HOPE event.  

On Nicolina's favorite HOPE event

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Claudia Hernandez
Manager of Strategic Development

To support future young and professional Latina women, decision makers, leaders and advocates in our communities.

On why you should become a Friend of HOPE

Friends of Hope provides the opportunity to keep us informed as well as help address the many issues and challenges impacting our Latino community. The education provided by the organization and the program are priceless. The leadership skills I was able to develop through the training offered are skills I use everyday in my professional and personal life.

On supporting HOPE's mission

I enjoy Latina History Day. The day provides great information delivered by great experts in the field. The day also provides for the opportunity to meet like minded individuals from many different expertise areas.

On Claudia's favorite HOPE event

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HOPE is a non-profit, non-partisan, organization committed to ensuring political and economic parity for Latinas through leadership, advocacy and education to benefit all communities and the status of women.