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Who are the friends of hope

Friends of HOPE is a community of donors that support HOPE’s mission to ensure political and economic parity for Latinas through leadership, advocacy, and education. HOPE brings together this dedicated community comprised of thoughtful and concerned leaders, advocates, supporters and friends. 

Meet our Friends of HOPE

"I became a Friend of HOPE to pay it forward. HOPE gave me the tools and invaluable network to provide positive change in my community and beyond!

I wanted to be part of contributing to the next generation of leaders and being a Friend of HOPE is the perfect way to do that."

Gaby Plascencia

Riverside City Councilmember

HLI 2013


Patricia Castorena.jpg

Patricia Castorena

Immigration Attorney 

Law Office of Patricia D. Castorena

I urge others to participate in Friends of HOPE because as a donor, you are ensuring that other women, who may be in dire need of support, morale, and goodwill, are able to experience HLI. HLI is a life-changing program that allows women to achieve the next level of excellence in their professional, and personal, lives.

Nicolina Hernandez Headshot 2017_edited.

Nicolina Hernandez

Government Affairs Manager

Sempra Energy Utilities

It takes a village.  For most of us, especially Latinas from disenfranchised communities with many disadvantages like the rural Central Valley area I grew up in, we have had to work ten times harder to overcome.  While we have been able to overcome many challenges, often times, we have someone special to thank because they told us they believed in us, lent a hand, or gave a sponsorship.  Latinas across the state will continue to face obstacles as we did, and it’s up to us to be accountable to them, to empower them, and make the path a little better for the next generation.  Contributing any amount to Friends of HOPE is harnessing and forging our collective ability to really make an impact in our youth, and launch our professional Latinas into leadership positions of power for tangible change.


Claudia Hernandez

Manager of Strategic Development


Friends of Hope provides the opportunity to keep us informed as well as help address the many issues and challenges impacting our Latino community. The education provided by the organization and the program are priceless. The leadership skills I was able to develop through the training offered are skills I use everyday in my professional and personal life.



Guadalupe Lazaro

Operations & Development Manager

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